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We build healthcare infrastructure and consumer-facing technology solutions for an interconnected healthcare environment, from the back office to the physician’s office. Reinciar Technologies developed an in-house Hospital Information System (HIS) that includes the following feature modules:

Patient access to health records and resources via web and mobile needed for daily disease management.

We create mobile solutions for doctors and patients, mobilize enterprise solutions, including Electronic Health Records (EHR), laboratory and practice management and others, integrate mobile solutions with existing applications and systems.

Mobile Applications for Doctors

Applications for doctors and nurses that automate daily routine and enable care coordination.

  • Patient Appointments
  • Electronic Patients Records
  • Prescription Management
  • E-Prescription
  • Calender Management

Mobile Applications for Patients

Applications to schedule appointments, track and share health, lab results and medications.

  • Physician scheduling
  • Health tracking
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Online consultations